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When it comes to gacha-style mobile games, there’s usually a lot we don’t fully understand. Fire Emblem Heroes is very simple, with a good tutorial that explains (most) the basics, but there’s still a lot we don’t quite know. Thankfully, cool communities like the Fire subreddit Emblem Heroes are working over time to reveal all the little things we didn’t know before.

Well, we know now, because I’m going to collect all the interesting little tidbits worth sharing, all hidden in Fire Emblem Heroes. Not all of these notes provide enough content for the complete guide, so it’s all here, all in one convenient place. If you have any questions of your own and want to learn about Fire Emblem Heroes, do let us know in the comments and we will add the answers to our list of things and things below. Everything is very formal.

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Everything else you need to know | Tips guide

[Work in progress: Check back soon for new tips!]

The following space is dedicated to every little fact we didn’t know about Fire Emblem Heroes that is worth sharing with the gaming crowd. These aren’t exactly secrets, but they also aren’t very well known. For interested fans, beginners, or even gamers deep in the Fire Emblem Heroes world, these are all the little extra details you probably need to know.

You can permanently define enemy danger zone.

All you have to do is long press on an enemy unit, instead of clicking. This is very, very helpful
Link (or create!) A Nintendo Account for +10 Orbs.
You will also get 100+ free Nintendo Points.
Watch the title screen – if your characters have floating hearts tap on them for a reward.
Get those rewards when they appear!
Whichever hero you select in the first slot in your first team, your “base” unit is – the unit at the top of the list screen that friends can see.
Change your first team and put an alternate character in the first slot to show off to friends.
Complete the normal mode maps to unlock the hard / crazy difficulty.
You will get more rewards (and more experience points!) For completing difficult / crazy shapes.
Also, completing regular Shard / Crystal missions will unlock challenging missions.
Save hard mode maps until you unlock these missions to get huge Shard rewards.
At level 40, the heroes offer some special dialogue.
The special dialogue appears only once – right after completing a mission as the hero has reached level 40.
Naturally, the heroes gain more vocal lines the higher their ranking.
4-star heroes have more lines than 3-star champions, etc.
Nothing else opens after completing each map on Lunatic.
You’d get 2,500 Universal Shards for whatever trouble you run into.
It’s not always better to summon five heroes at once to get 5-star heroes.
Depending on focus, the color of 5-star champions will determine the chance of falling. Here is a quick list of (current) 5-star prospects organized by color:
10.3% (red)
6.0% (blue)
3.4% (green)
2.3% (gray)
Hero Ranking will retain all the strengths of the previous ranking.
Everything else, including the level, will be reset. Choose the heroes you have arranged carefully!
Using bonus letters improves arena ranking.
Additional character arrangement
Single letter: 2x
2 characters: 2,3x
3 characters: 2,6x
4 characters: 3x
Cut the potential cost of unlocking by combining two stars of the same rank.
This will lower the feather cost for the higher ranking. Sell ​​lower-ranked Heroes to get feathers.

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