Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Dueling Peaks Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Kala Bush shrine
Hila Rao shrine
Rei Dahi shrine
Tutu Sah shrine
Ha Dahmar shrine
Shi Phinath shrine
Talaoh Naig shrine
Lakana Rocky Shrine

Shee Vaneer Shrine – Twin Memories

The second of the two summits is dueling. This one is on top. The two shrines provide answers to the corresponding riddle. Find the solution for Shee Vaneer in Shee Venath Shrine, or check out the solution below.

Optional Box: Hidden in the exact same location as the Shi Phinath Shrine. The canopy is behind the shaft next to the elevator. To solve the puzzle, insert energy balls into this pattern:

X – X – X – X – O
O – X – X – X – X
X – O – X – X – X
X – X – X – O – X
X – O – X – X – X
Put energy balls in “O” funnels to open the gate.

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