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Promote Your Business Through Facebook

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home coaching work

In the macOS 11.4 update, Apple fixed the Mac M1 SSD excessive wear report issue that was noticed in February (William Gallagher / AppleInsider)

Promote Your Business Through Facebook

At Pwn2Own, two Dutch researchers discovered a vulnerability in Zoom that could allow hackers to execute an RCE attack; Zoom says he’s working on a fix (Pieter Arntz / Malwarebytes Labs)

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An attempt by Baidu, Tencent and ByteDance to circumvent Apple’s privacy policies, called CAID, failed after Apple blocked app updates (Patrick McGee / Financial Times)

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Facebook’s launch of Bulletin is a classic Silicon Valley tactic used to crush competitors, and it illustrates a strategy some critics believe should be illegal (Will Oremus / Washington Post)

Virtual Private Networks

To limit Facebook’s power and reach, US regulators must take citizens’ rights more seriously than they do for content moderation or even antitrust (Siva Vaidhyanathan / Wired)

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[Thread] Former Facebook employee, now Coatue Management Chairman, shares his experiences working with Mark Zuckerberg at the start of Facebook (Dan Rose / @ danrose999)