Crazy F-1 race in Brazil! Many accidents and the turning back of “Mercedes” to the top

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In the 2022 season, the winners have already been determined ahead of time. Verstappen won the second championship title in his career at the Japanese Grand Prix, at the same in the USA Red Bull finally became the owners of the Constructors’ Cup.

Although the trophies of the season had already been distributed, the riders continued to fight for the high season. Mercedes was the winner: in the last two Grand Prix, Briton Lewis Hamilton finished with Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. It allowed Mercedes to speed up at the Constructors’ Cup up to 36 points for two Grand Prix before the end.

The debut victory of Mercedes pilot George Russell ended the stage of the Royal Motor Race on the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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As soon as the peloton completed the starting lap, the safety car had to appear on the track. Ricciardo from “McLaren” caught the car of Magnussen (Haas) and he damaged the Australian after a turn and it was the end for both of them.

The restart on the 7th lap turned out to be even more eventful – Verstappen overtook Hamilton, but then let the Briton go ahead and ran into him. And a little behind Norris (McLaren) knocked out the driver of “Ferrari” Leclerc. As a result, the perpetrators of the incidents received 5-second penalties and rolled back. Meanwhile, on the 10th lap, the top three was formed by Russell, Perez and Sainz.

Instead, Hamilton quickly recovered from the collision with Verstappen. He overtook Vettel and Norris in two laps and rose to 4th place. A wave of pit stops kept the top four in their places. But the speed of “Mercedes” made it possible to restore the double leadership after the second pit stop.On the 30th lap, Hamilton went to a pit stop and lost three positions. His partner Russell was able to take advantage of this, as well as Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

On the 56th lap, both Mercedes drivers realized that they were going to share this victory. Despite Hamilton’s efforts to overtake his teammate, Russell held the first position.

So, Russell triumphed and brought the debut victory for Mercedes in the F1 2022 season (with the score 44).

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