Destiny 2: Year 3 – How To Get The Xenophage Machine Gun | Exotic Quest Guide

Solve puzzles on the moon to win the new Xenophage Machine Gun, a truly weird game that anyone can get in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Before starting, you should hit 970 PL. Unlike some of the other strange quests, this quest is about solving strange and unique puzzles – you’ll need to light crystals, light lanterns, and complete four switch rune puzzles.

Every Xenophage mission is set on the moon, and Crazy in r / raidsecrets deserves endless glory for discovering each puzzle. The steps don’t explain what you need to do at all, and even if you figure out what to do, every puzzle is different – and very annoying to solve. Never mind, just check out the solutions in the guide below.

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How to get the Xenophage submachine gun strange search guide

Before you start, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the 970 PL battle at the end of the mission. There is a new coach mechanics and a tricky platforms section. If you’re ready to go, let’s start the mission.

How the Alien Mission begins: Go to the Red Keep room where I meet Eris for story-related reasons on the moon. You can return to this area by ovulating at Sorrow’s Harbor and entering Red Keep. Swerve to the left at the crystalline and then go down the path to the right. Upon climbing up, you’ll arrive in a room with four crystals.

To start the mission, you need to light all 4 statues to form a box spawn. The box contains the strange mission item that you need. To actually make the box appear, interact with the crystals in this order.

Interact with crystals in order (when facing the room from the entrance):
First right
Second left
Second right
First left
It will sort the box, so go for this weird chase item to get your first step.

Step # 1: Light 6 Lanterns on the Anchor Light

The first step is to “get out of the dark”.

Travel to the Anchor Or Light Region on the Moon. In the large building that Fallen occupied, look for a lower door in the yellow temple – it’s directly above the “A” in “Anchor of Light” on your map. In the back, there is a special Orb of Flame that you have to collect.

With an orb, you’ll need to find and light six lanterns in order.

The locations of the lanterns and the arrangement of the light:

Next to where I collected the Orb of Flame.
The next fireplace is located in the east, on top of the building at the edge of the rift.
Inside the small yellow inner structure is across the road from the large fallen building.
At the top of the large building affected by the fall, another panel is on the metal girders, behind the large yellow front fascia.
On the small roof to the north next to the white buried part of the structure.
At the top of the large circular structure above the green hole in the center of the map.
Move to all 6 places in 60 seconds, and the timer will reset after every correct lantern. Go to the task mark and enter Orb of Flame to get to the next step.

Step # 2: Find all 4 parts of the track

At the end of each of the four Moon Lost Sectors, you’ll need to find a grid of 9 runs – 3 horizontally and 3 vertically. The riddle is simple. You need to make all 9 characters coincide with the rune at the top of the grid. Just shoot them to get them to swap places. For simplicity, here’s how to solve each.

Note: Shoot the runes in the order shown below for each puzzle. Runes are numbered 1-9 in order from left to right.

K1 Company: 7, 9, 2, 2
K 1 Revelation: 6, 4, 5, 5, 4, 8, 5, 2
K1 Logistics: 1, 7, 6, 5
K1’s crew quarters: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 9, 8, 8
The puzzles are always easy to spot, and they fall after defeating the lost sector boss and taking the shortcut outside the area.

A chest will appear after successfully completing each puzzle. Get all 4 parts of the track, and you’ll be able to start the last step.

Step # 3: the fad pit

There are some special activities that you need to complete in the new “heresy pit” dungeon. You’ll need to activate a hidden rune, start some fires, and defeat a boss special with new machines.

Part 1: Activate The Rune – After removing the little bosses at the start of the dungeon, you’ll enter a room full of entrances. None of these entries will have an icon over the entrance. Platform to this door and you will find a hidden rune inside – activate it.

Part 2: Light The Fires – In the area filled with Hive Ogres, take the left lane (ignore the right lane) at the crossroads, then descend to a rocky ledge below. Find the spot on the edge marked with the runes and activate it. Pallets will rise with the Orb of Flame Stand. Hold the orb, and return to the fork red.

Instead of going left, this time right. In the section, find a closed door with two brasses left and right. Use the Orb of Flame to light both of them and it will open the door. The internal track leads to a private meeting with the president.

Part 3: Defeat the Boss – The Boss with this door is PL 970, so be prepared for a tough fight. To defeat the boss, you must check your current whistle (you’ll get a random boost) – your power boost determines where you want to place the light ball.

Placing the ball of light in the right spot on the arena gives you revenge power – you can now harm your boss for 25 seconds.

Abyssal (Void): Upper Arena – leftmost.
Thunder (bow): lower arena – front left.
Fiery (solar): Lower Square – far right.
Neutral (kinesthetic): the upper arena – right of the front.
To inflict damage on the boss, you need to check your whistle, collect the Orb of Flame, deposit it in the matching location above, then shoot the boss with the matching initial damage type while activating the Vengeance Buff.

Kill your boss, and Xenophage will be all you have.

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