Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – How To Summon Shenron | Every Wish Listed

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you can summon Shenron, the mega-wise mystic dragon: find the Seven Dragon Balls. The giant dragon makes many wishes, but only a few can be repeated as often as you like. Here, I’ll make a complete list of all the different wishes you can order from Shenron, and what you’ll get for each one.

During the story, there are several points where your DBZ team will automatically chase these Dragon Balls. Most of the time, the goal is to revive deceased friends – don’t worry, you won’t have to waste your true desires in reviving your allies.

Between the storylines, in the Intermission sequences, you are free to hunt Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and get as many wishes as you want. The magic dragon (and dragon balls) will randomly appear within twenty minutes in the game, so if you are patient you can really stock rare items, Z-Orbs, and zeni!

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How to summon Shenron | All desires are included

Shenron, Wishes, and Dragon Ball hunting became available after completing Frieza arc. Once you defeat Frieza, you’ll return to Earth and the Intermission story begins. During the break, you can search for the Dragon Balls – there are seven in total, and they are located in random locations all over the world map.

Collect the seven, then open the main menu and select “Dragon Balls” to summon Shenron. From here, you will get a wish list. Your wishes are straightforward – many of them allow you to revive your opponents for a second battle. When you return an enemy from the dead, you can only do it once! But the battle will be more difficult, and you will get a lot of good rewards for completing it.

There are three desires that are repeatable; Zeni order (money), Z-Orbs order, and rare items order. Find all desires below, and what you’ll get for each of the repeatable desires.

Dragon Ball wishlist | Frequent desires

I want Z Orbs!

[Result: 10,000 blue balls, 10,000 yellow balls, 10,000 red balls, 10 rainbow balls]
I want to be rich!

[Result: 30,000 Zinni]
I want rare things!

[Result: Whole Boneless Roast x 1, Steamed Toast x 1, Burnt Tofu x 1, Refreshing Seafood Soup x 1, Rich Seafood Soup x 1, Fish Rice Ball x 1, Fresh Seafood Pasta x 1, Pie Thick sesame x 1, sugary cupcake x 1, crumbly fried rice x1, awakening water x5, super awakening water x5)

Infrequent desires

I want to fight Raditz again!
I want to fight Napa again!
I want to fight Dodoria again!
I want to fight Zarbon again!
I want to fight the Ginyu Force again!
And more!

And more! You will be able to replay any character that does not appear again in the series in a second battle. When you summon a character to replay, they will appear somewhere on the map.

Go find them, and there is a private dialogue – this isn’t just a simple recurring battle, it’s actually a new little series. All of them are worth doing, and they will give you much better rewards than other fights.

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