Ways to Use Technology to Motivate Employees

Technology to Motivate Employees

Technology today helps businesses in many ways. But there are things that employers tend to miss out on quite often when it comes to using technology at workplaces to keep their employees motivated. The reason can be that employers are not creative enough to find ways to use tech and gadgets to keep their employees motivated.

Apart from using the traditional ways to motivate employees by offering free lunches, hosting social events, and more PTOs, there are many other ways that can prove to be helpful. One thing businesses today are struggling with includes using technology to keep their employees motivated. Here are a few practices that might work for you as an employer:

You Can Encourage Employees to Be More Mobile

Mobile phone and internet users continue to rise today. But many companies and their managers have conflicting ideas about using smartphones and other devices at work. Regardless of all the beliefs, myths, and issues, employers must offer their employees mobile workplace tools. This can help them stay connected no matter where they are or what their job role is.

One of the best ways to do that is by using a high-speed internet service at work. Your workplace might have the best fastest internet service. Make sure that it stays cost-effective as well. You can look forward to getting Xfinity Internet that is secure and affordable as well. You can see a positive change in productivity in your organization by around 40 percent.

Using mobile apps and devices is not the only way to keep your employees informed and connected. You can also use employee portals and other websites so that a free flow of information is made possible.

Invest in Creating a More Flexible Work Environment

According to different researches, the number of employees who prefer working from home has taken a giant leap. The number has reached around 103 percent where home-based employees prefer working from home over the past 10 years. The reason is that companies have realized that there are immense benefits to allowing people to work from their homes. Continuing to do so can save a lot of money for businesses and will add more value. Employees will become more engaged and the employees will be more comfortable and productive.

Sadly, despite all these benefits, many managers still don’t encourage offering flexible workspaces. They must understand that if you want to have more employee satisfaction and consistent and long-term growth, you need to think about creating a flexible work setting.

Think About Using IoT at Work

The advent of IoT in the industry has taken the concept of automation to a whole new level. Manual processes are now getting automated which means that many activities that are part of your workplace can become more efficient and more productive in the current digital age.

Experts believe that by the year 2025 this industry will grow up to become a $4 trillion worth industry. The reason is that it is going to have an impact on almost all aspects of your business. This includes the entire operations management, layout optimization, and equipment maintenance.

Businesses today should look forward to investing in smarter buildings and tools designed for workspaces. This is very effective to get more data and feedback about many aspects of the business. These can include:

  • Customers
  • The equipment used
  • Employees who work for you.

This information will further provide you more control, over the costs to run the facility and keep your building and the other elements of your infrastructure stay efficient and operational.

Involve Employees with Employee Engagement Software

There are different Employee engagement software systems that can provide you with different opportunities to recognize your employees that go the extra mile in their efforts. But this is not just limited to getting your employees and their efforts get recognized by the management only. Different colleagues can also use the software to appreciate and thank their teammates for helping them out on a certain project or facilitating their own jobs.

This is a good way to promote a strong culture where everybody can work as a team and motivate employees to give out their best performance as well. Many employee engagement software is also capable of providing rewards for gift cards and other perks for even more incentives.

Offer Opportunities for Learning and Career Growth

You should look forward to making your employees feel valued and that they are valuable assets for your business. When an employee thrives or gets success, so does your business. You can’t simply make progress by throwing tools at your employees. You need to ask them for their input and get insights from them about what they think and what is their approach to achieving goals. But you need to keep one thing in mind there are different approaches to getting this done.

One best approach is to make your employees feel that you respect them and will help them get success and become committed to your business in the long run. Also, it is a good approach if you can create an organizational culture that helps people to grow in their careers and support them in learning new skills which can help them progress in the industry.

Provide Learning on the Go

Employees do not like to work when they are at home but sometimes it becomes very necessary to do so. This is where mobile applications can be very useful. These provide users with flexibility and access to files whenever they want to and from wherever they are. Mobile-optimized technology is one of the most useful ways to access important information on the go. One can learn a lot about business practices and the current trends in business technology using Xfinity Cable TV. If you have Xfinity TV Plans, you can create a cost-effective learning environment as well.

Ask for Feedback to Improve Processes Using Technology

This is one amazing way to make sure that people who work with you feel valued and heard when it comes to implementing and introducing some changes to the processes using technology. For instance, if you were using emails for communication, you can make sure that you can allow your employees to pool in a WhatsApp or Facebook Group to communicate with each other.

You can further regulate and moderate communication that goes on in the group. You can ask your employees if they have problems connecting on Facebook or any other channel to communicate and discuss work-related issues, etc.


In the end, it would be safe for us to say that technology has always helped mankind by offering the best solutions in homes, workplaces, and many other grounds. For workplaces, the use of technology not only keeps employees connected but also helps them stay motivated and productive throughout the day.

All you need to do is to make sure that you keep them educated about the different apps, software, and gadgets that can help them motivated and make their work easy as well.

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